Herbie Hancock                 Possibilities                                                            Starbucks / WEA            PEM

Grammy Nominee                            Duets with John Mayer, Christina Aguilerra, Sting

                                               Annie Lennox, Paul Simon, Joss Stone & Santana


Faith Hill                             Pearl Harbor                                                         Disney                               EM

Grammy Nominee                                    Original Soundtrack

Oscar Nominee 

Bob Dylan                           The Sopranos                                                         HBO                                EM

Grammy Winner                                  Original Soundtrack

Ben Harper                        Get It Like You Like It (Single)                             Virgin                             Add P / M

Grammy Nominee                          Morning Yearning (Single)

Maroon 5                            Help Me Out & Julia Michaels                             Interscope                       Remix

                                            Featuring Rahzel

Alice Smith                         For Lovers, Dreamers and Me                              Epic                                Add P / M

Grammy Nominee

Annie Lennox                     Collection                                                             Sony                                Add P / M

Talib Kweli                         Get By                                                                  MCA                               Remix

feat.  Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes,

Mos Def & Snoop Dog

Tim McGraw                     Dear Santa                                                         Curb                                 EM

Brian McKnight               U Turn                                                                   Motown                             M

Grammy Nominee


Celia Cruz                        Regalo Del Alma                                                     Sony                                  M

Grammy Winner

Norman Brown                Just Chillin                                                             Warner Bros                     PM

Grammy Winner

Moby & Public Enemy    Unity:                                                                   EMI                                 M

                                              The Official 2004 Athens Olympics Album

Krystof                                Inzerat                                                                Universal                        PEM

6 Czech Grammy Winner

Krystof                                Srdcbeat                                                            Universal                        PEM

4 Czech Grammy Winner

Krystof                                25                                                                         Universal                        PEM

Ryan Star                            America EP                                                                                                    PEM

Ryan Star                            Angels & Animals                                                  Island                               PEM

Linda Eder                         Gold                                                                      Atlantic                              EM

Soulive                                Doin Something                                                     Blue Note                          PEM

Soulive                                Steady Groovin’                                                     Blue Note                          PEM

Sola Rosa                             Low and Behold, High and Beyond                        Way Up                         Add P / M

Fried                                    Things Change                                                   Sony                             Add P EM

Chris Glover                     Hell Isn’t Even That Funny                             Interscope  / A&M     PEM

Heather Nova                    Storm                                                                   Big Cat / WB                 EM

Fanny Pack                         So Stylistic                                                          Tommy Boy                 EM

Donnie                                 The Colored Section                                                 Motown                        PEM

Korn                                     Thoughtless                                                               Epic                             Remix

Macy Gray                         8 Mile (Time Of My Life)                                               Interscope                     M

Lamia                                  Learning From Falling                                         J Records                     M

TM Stevens                           Africans In The Snow                                                SPV                                M

Various                                 This Is Soul                                                                                                    PM

Gemma Fox                        Girlfriend’s Story                                                        Polygram                  P M

Jeannie Ortega                   Love Don’t Cost A Thing (Soundtrack)                    Hollywood                     M

Smashing Pumpkins       1979                                                                            Virgin                         P/Remix

Grammy Nominee

Biz Markie                         Weekend Warrior                                                     Tommy Boy                     M

Josh Rouseman Unit       Treats For The Nightwalker                                     Enja                                 M

Mommy And Daddy         Live How You Listen                                         Big Cat / WB             PEM

Laurie Anderson             Life On A String                                                     Nonesuch                         EM

Grammy Nominee

Cake                                 Comfort Eagle                                                         Columbia                     M

Lucy Woodward            ... Is Hot and Bothered                                        Barns & Noble            E

Stephanie McKay        Tell It Like It Is                                                       Astralworks                Add P M

Stephanie McKay        Stephanie McKay                                                   Astralworks                Add P M

Maya Azucena               Maya Who?                                                               NuMedia                        PEM

Maya Azucena               Cry Love                                                                   Half Note                        PEM

Deepak Chopra             A Gift Of Love                                                           Tommy Boy                 PEM

Deepak Chopra             A Gift Of Love Vol 2                                                 Tommy Boy                     PEM

Galeet Dardashti          The Naming                                                              Six Points                        PEM

Coco De Mer                 Coco De Mer                                                             Tommy Boy                     PEM

Jiva                                 Jiva                                                                             Giant Step                         PEM

Nomad                           Songman                                                                 Tommy Boy                     PEM

John Lucien                 Mother Nature’s Son                                                 Universal                             EM

Beastie Boys                 Radioactive                                                             Grand Royal /  Capitol         M

Young Gods                 Only Heaven                                                            Play It Again Sam                EM

Mommy And Daddy        Live How You Listen                                            Kanine                            PEM

Paulina Rubio             Perros                                                                         Universal                             M

Hot Karl                         The Great Escape                                                     Headless Heros                   M

Wicked Queen             Royal Judgment Day                                                 RCA                                     PEM

Gravity Kills                Guilty                                                                         TVT                                  Remix

Gravity Kills                 Manipulated                                                             TVT                                       EM

Gravity Kills                 If                                                                             TVT                                         M

Primitive Radio Gods     White Hot Peach                                               What Are Records                 PEM

A.D.O.R                         One For The Money                                             Tru-Reign                               PEM

Fakts One                     Long Range                                                             Coup D’Etat                          PEM

Sexus                             Universal                                                                 Schoolcut                                 M

Robert Miller              Child’s Play                                                             Wild Cat                                 PEM

Lion Of  Ido                    Upcoming                                                                                                            PEM

Rahzel                            Upcoming                                                                                                                M